Chronic Pain is such a widespread problem in our society, yet it remains neglected compared ot other areas of medicine. Pain Australia has launched a campaign asking the Federal Government make pain a national health priority. They intend to do this by implementing the ‘National Pain Strategy’, a framework for assessing, treating and managing pain in patients nation-wide.

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“We are asking all political parties to adopt the recommendations of the National Pain Strategy and to designate pain as a national health priority and recognise chronic pain as a chronic disease, managed within a framework which embraces:

  1. Leadership and coordination of a national approach to provide integrated pain management services, building on the work being done by state governments, private sector providers, Medicare Locals and Local Hospital Networks.
  2. Access to quality pain services for all Australians including people in rural, regional and remote areas, indigenous and socio-economically disadvantaged communities, children, older Australians and people with mental illness.
  3. Access to pain management education and training for health professionals in particular as it relates to early intervention, multidisciplinary team practice and the use of opioid medications.
  4. A public awareness campaign to address discrimination, misunderstanding and stigmatisation of people with pain within the community, including in the workplace and in welfare and compensation systems.
  5. Funding to provide community support services including consumer information, self- management education and telephone support (crisis help line).
  6. The development of a national research agenda to address gaps in knowledge about chronic pain and improve clinical practice in pain management.”

Campaign For Pain by Pain Australia