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Individual health Care can be expensive, but there are many things you can do to manage your pain that are free or low cost.


Visit the Pelvic Pain Foundation Website at

  • A video you can watch on understanding Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain
  • Information on many different types of pelvic pain
  • Stretches you can start now, to help stabbing or acheing pains
  • Information for parents of teens with pain, describing how to help your child manage their pain
  • Information on how to take medications for pain


Read our Free E-booklet ‘Pelvic Pain’.

Pelvic Pain E Booklet 2012

You can download the book by clicking on the following link:

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Download the Pelvic Pain e-Booklet (996KB)

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Enrol in an online course in pain management education, anxiety or depression

One such course is ‘The Pain Course’ provided free of charge by Macquarie University. It teaches the knowledge you need about Chronic Pain and the practical skills for pain management and emotional wellbeing.

The Pain Course runs over 5 weeks and includes:

  • 5 online lessons to provide information and teach pain management techniques
  • Homework assignments to help you practice those techniques
  • Weekly email or phone contact with a clinician
  • Lots of additional resources

Find out more at:


front Cover 113 KB

Borrow a copy of our book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ from your library

While the pink flower cover remains the same, we update the contents regularly. The most recent version has a barcode on the back cover. Chapter 4 has a section on each type of pain with instructions for treatment that you can do yourself or discuss with your local doctor. Look up the problem that worries you most and which treatments would suit you best.


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If you do need a laparoscopy

look for the public hospital near you that has a good reputation for laparoscopic surgery for gynaecological conditions. With so many different medical conditions to care for, it is common for hospitals to develop particular areas of expertise and always remember that not all pain needs surgery. The pink Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain book explains which types of pain respond well to surgery and which types might be best treated in other ways. It also has a chapter on how to prepare for a laparoscopy.


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