Research Title: Best practice management of pelvic muscle pain: an audit of clinical practice

Researchers: Ms Lauren Locke (Curtin University), Dr Patricia Neumann (Physiotherapist), Ms Sonia Scharfbillig (Physiotherapist), Dr Susan Evans.

Research Institution: We are working with Curtin University Physiotherapy Department

Why we are doing this research?  Pelvic muscle pain has only recently been recognised as a major cause of pelvic pain. There is still a lot to learn about the best way to treat painful pelvic muscles. This project will help us to understand the problem better and to improve our treatment.

Who can be involved? Women with pelvic muscle pain

What would I have to do?  If you are diagnosed with pelvic muscle pain, and physiotherapy or Botox injections are recommended as treatment, you may be asked to fill in other questionnaires. These are part of the normal physiotherapy care for women with this type of pain. You will be asked to fill them in again a few months later to see how effective these treatments have been for you. If you are happy to allow Ms Lauren Locke to use the information in the questionnaires (after the sheet with your name has been removed) for our audit, then you only need to sign the consent form provided with the additional questionnaires.

Dr Evans will not know if you have agreed to have the information used or not, so you will not be treated differently in any way, whichever you decide. Ms Locke will not know your name or other identifying information so your privacy is assured.