Professor Paul Rolan

Clinical Pharmacologist, Developer of New Medicines,  Pain Researcher and Pain Physician with focus on Headache and Facial Pain


Plans for 2017

From 2017, Prof Rolan will be practicing at Wellend Health (Suite 5, Attunga House, 97 Hewitt Ave, Toorak Gardens).

Please call 1300 652 028 to make an appointment.

Prof Rolan is happy to see all patients with headache and / or facial pain and is especially happy to see patients whose problems appear particularly hard to get under control. Despite initial training in pharmacology, a full range of treatments including dietary, use of medical devices and lifestyle counselling are considered in addition to medicines, with the approach tailored to each person. He tends to see patient once for a detailed consultation and then sends to the patient (or parent if the patient is a child), a written personalised management plan which is shared with the family doctor. The emphasis on the patient being in the centre of the care and in charge of the plan.
Prof Rolan’s training and background
Prof Rolan trained in medicine at the University of Adelaide followed by specialty training in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology (the study of medicines in humans). After a period as Director of Medicine at Cairns Base Hospital he spent 18 year in the UK developing new medicines including one for migraine.In the UK he opened a specialist headache clinic in Manchester which attracted patients from all the north of England. In 2005 he returned to Adelaide as Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Adelaide and Senior  Consultant Physician at the Pain Management  Unit of the Royal Adelaide Hospital. His principal research focus has been to target inflammation to reduce chronic pain and headache. He retired from the University and RAH at the end of 2014 to focus on the development of a new treatment for pain, but continues to conduct research at the University.
His University web page gives more background
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