Research Title: Pelvic Pain and the Family

Researchers: Ms Tiffany Brooks (Provisional Psychologist), Dr Susan Evans (Pelvic Pain SA), Professor Helen Winefield (The University of Adelaide)

Research Institution: This research is a collaboration between The University of Adelaide, Pelvic Pain SA and Endometriosis New Zealand

Why we are doing this research?  As part of a Masters in Psychology (Health) thesis, we are looking at whether family and other close relationships impact on the pain experienced by women with Persistent Pelvic Pain

Who can be involved?  Any women over the age of 18 who have had pelvic pain on most days for more than 3 months which is not solely due to your period or related to intercourse.

What would I have to do?  For further information, or to become involved you can email tiffany Posters and flyers promoting the study will be present in the waiting rooms of Pelvic Pain SA, and Endometriosis New Zealand.

The study begins in July 2013!